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Precautions for lubrication of pipe bending machine

The CNC pipe bending machine needs to refuel during the operation process, but this is not a simple operation. There are many things that require special attention, otherwise the effect will be affected. If you have any questions, you may wish to follow the steps below and you will be successful.

Before refueling the CNC pipe bending machine, it is necessary to clean the internal debris of the fuel tank and clean it. Also check whether the oil filter net is intact, and ensure that the filter function can be completed normally. After the end, the oil can be gradually poured into the fuel tank until the fuel tank cap is reached at the oil mark rule.

However, the refueling of the whole equipment has not been completed, and then carefully observe whether there are other parts that need to be refueled, such as a reducer, etc.; then, the smoothing point of the oil is added to the root to achieve a smooth and smooth effect.

Timing out the water and sediment in the hydraulic pipe bending machine tank, it is very important to remove the impurities in the oil. Together with this, the oil in the entire hydraulic system must be emptied regularly. This is to completely remove the system impurities and the oxidized hydraulic pressure. Oil and other harmful substances. After the end, the need to clean the hydraulic pressure has been added to the system from scratch.

Since good hydraulic fluids contain a variety of additives, these additives prevent oil enthalpy or block system parts, but after long-term use, no one can ensure its efficacy, thus requiring regular replacement. . In addition to draining and refueling, the timing replacement filter is also one of the actions to keep the hydraulic pipe bender system clean in order to keep the system clean.

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