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Pipe bending machine maintenance and bending speed considerations

During the operation of the bender, all components of the bender can be maintained under harsh environmental conditions (such as rain), improper operation and misuse, and overload. All systems of the bender are suitable for operation in ±40 ° C and 0 ~ 100% humidity environment. The pipe bender is suitable for local use at an altitude of 0 to 3000 m. The appropriate working place should be selected before the pipe bending machine works. The site can satisfy the accumulation of straight pipes and elbows, and it should also ensure that the pressure of the equipment can be accepted on the ground. Bending function, to check whether the appearance of the anti-corrosion mother tube has oil, pits, tortuous, anti-corrosion layer folds, anti-corrosion number and tube number identification is not clear or writing fault, crusting, mechanical damage and other appearance defects, and Do a good job of checking the records.

Elbow bend maintenance method

1. Elbows bent for a long time should be checked as scheduled. Often, the exposed surface should be cleaned, dusted, and neatly stored in the airy and boring area. It is strictly prohibited to be stacked or stored in the open air. Often adhere to the boring and ventilating of the elbow, insist that the device is clean and tidy, and deposit according to the precise storage method.

2. When the equipment is used, the elbow elbow can be directly connected to the pipeline according to the connection method, and the equipment is carried out according to the applied orientation. Under normal circumstances, the equipment can be in the direction of the pipeline, but it needs to be easy to check. Note that the flow direction of the cut-off elbow should be upward from the longitudinal valve, and the elbow can only be horizontal. When the elbow is in the equipment, pay attention to the sealing, avoid the leakage phenomenon and affect the normal operation of the pipeline.

In addition, the primary influence of the bending speed of the bender on the forming quality is:

The speed is too fast, the flatness of the tortuous part of the catheter is simply formed, the roundness is not up to the requirement, the cracking and breaking of the catheter are formed; the speed is too slow, the wrinkling of the catheter and the compression block slip are simply formed, and the tube of the large diameter is easy A depression of the tortuous portion of the catheter is formed. For a large number of tests on these two CNC pipe bending machines, it is advisable to determine the tortuous speed of the pipe to be 20% - 40% of the maximum bending speed of the machine.

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