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Pipe bending machine is different for different types of pipe fittings.

The installation process of the pipeline involves many techniques. In the pipeline installation project, a large number of bends of various angles are required, such as 90° and 45° bends, B-shaped bends (back and forth bends), and bends (curved bends). , square telescopic device, etc., according to the conditions of the construction site and the diameter of the pipe diameter to select the processing equipment and the corresponding construction process, can be processed on-site, or can be shaped in the bending machine processing plant.

Machines required for pipeline installation: manual pipe bender, pulley bender, electric or hydraulic pipe bending machine, fully automatic cnc pipe bending machine, hair dryer, mold, steel ruler, oven, work table, acetylene generator, welding and cutting tools, etc. . Bending conditions: The construction drawing, standard drawing, and review have been completed. (There are construction sites and workbench that meet the safety requirements. The pipes with the certificate of conformity are all entered into the site.

Technical delivery has been carried out, familiar with the specifications, dimensions, angles of various processing parts, and compiled material cards. When using a manual bender to bend, the operator's face must avoid the bent steel pipe, so as to prevent the bender from slipping and hurting people. When using fire to bend, it is forbidden to stand at the mouth of the pipe to prevent the gun from injuring people. The location of the coal stove should be in good contact with the fire department. The flammable materials must be eliminated. The fire must be extinguished before work to prevent accidents. The acetylene generator must be equipped with a safety device to prevent tempering. The fuses, oxygen cylinders, oxygen meters and welding and cutting tools are strictly prohibited from being contaminated with grease. The oxygen cylinders should have anti-vibration rubber rings.

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