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Pipe bending machine competition system

The intelligent machine tool industry such as pipe bending machine and metal circular saw machine, CNC die bending machine mold affects the quality of the finished product of bending pipe. Due to the different material of pipe fittings, the requirements for the die are different. Domestically produced molds have poor strength and affect the quality of the bends.

  Therefore, the quality of the mold should be improved to provide a treatment process. The mold should be used separately according to the specifications of non-ferrous metal pipes and steel pipes. At the same time, reasonable arrangement of the same batch, the same specifications of pipe production, to ensure the quality of the bend, reduce mold replacement time, improve production efficiency.

  Hydraulic tube bender mold replacement is complex, laborious and cumbersome. In order to avoid wasting time to replace the mold, the domestic shipyard increased the number of automatic pipe bending machines, so the mold replacement form was changed, the advantages of the automatic pipe bending machine mold, and the suspension clamping device was used in the structure. The installation process only required 20MLN, and the replacement was troublesome. Convenience.

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