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Suzhou Wonsten - China pipe and tube bending machine manufacturer

We all know that the working principle of the pipe bending machine is that the high-pressure oil output by the electric oil pump is sent into the working cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe. The high-pressure oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder to generate thrust and bend the pipe through the pipe bending component. The general structure of the pipe bending machine: The pipe bending machine is generally composed of electric oil pump, high pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working cylinder, plunger, pipe bend parts (including upper flower plate, lower flower plate, die head, roller). Then, in order to make the pipe bending machine run reliably, we need to understand some electrical safety measures of the pipe bending machine. The following table and mechanical experts will explain to you:

1. The power supply of the pipe bending machine must be three-phase and grounded in accordance with local power regulations.

2. The power supply mark should be displayed on the machine and control box to warn the staff working in the power system.

3. The personnel who do the power maintenance and inspection of the pipe bending machine must be trained by the professional knowledge of electric power. Please confirm the circuit diagram of the preparation line before the maintenance.

4, limit switch and other protection equipment, it should not be short-circuited or bypassed.

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