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Must first confirm the machine model before purchasing cnc fully automatic pipe bending machine

Pipe bending machines have been widely used in many occupations, and each professional pipeline has its own characteristics, such as: the aerospace field bending machine generally requires high precision, high flexibility; ship manufacturing elbow The machine requires particularly high output torque and ease of loading and unloading of large-size pipe fittings; the automotive industry requires a particularly high production cycle and reliability and durability.

Before transporting, hoisting and moving, the pipe bender must confirm the type, dimensions and total weight of the machine in advance, and then select the wire rope for the weight of the machine, the buckle for the hanging pipe bender, and choose to accept the weight of the machine. Lifting equipment and moving equipment.

When carrying out type tests on new products and updated products, overload tests should be carried out. The overload test is carried out by a fully automatic pipe bending machine with a maximum rotating torque of 110% bent pipe fittings (bending point of view 180°). The sampling test for batch production is allowed to be tested according to 10% of the output of each batch, but not less than one.

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