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The installation of the pipe bending machine mold is an extremely important task. Mold installers need to have professional knowledge in operating pipe bending machines and correctly adjusting pipe bending molds, which is crucial for the quality of pipe bendingOften important. The mold must be suitable for the size of the machine. If the bending degree of the pipe is greater than the original value and the machine load is too large, it will cause mechanical performance failure and may harm the operators.Mold installation personnel must cultivate a sense of personal safety awareness, and mold installation must be carried out with a safe attitude. All mold installers should be aware of the importance of their own safety,And provide a safe operating environment for others while performing work.When the oil pump motor is started, do not place your hands, fingers, or any part of your body in the mold operation area.2. Do not install, adjust, or move the mold until you have read or understood the mold installation instructions in the manual.3. When working or approaching the machine, do not wear a tie, jewelry, or loose clothing.If the mold is too heavy to be lifted by hand, appropriate mechanical lifting methods should be used. Lifting rings should be installed on the mold and used during the lifting process to maintain the stability of the mold parts.Before installing the mold, it should be wiped clean and cleaned of dust, metal shavings, or other foreign matter and dirt. Otherwise, it may cause mismatch and result in personal injury or damage to the machine or moldBad.6. When different operations require changing the control settings of the pipe bending machine, please confirm whether the setting of the selector switch is correct. Before conducting bending operations, please conduct a trial run to ensure operationCorrect.7. Elbow lubricant can cause slipping around the mold and contaminate the mold area. Handle the mold carefully. When bending, insert the end of the pipe coated with absorbent paint into the safe and practical range of the mold,To prevent bending. Lubricating oil droplets on the machine.8. If the pipe bending machine malfunctions or there is no one on duty, even if the time is short, please check the settings of all switches before restarting the machine.

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