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Main structure of China cnc automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine

Fully automatic CNC pipe bending machine series standard models have one-layer mold and multi-layer mold two categories: one-layer mold model has a total of 7-axis servo motor control. They are: Y-axis feed pipe, angle B-axis, C-axis bending pipe, U-axis clamping die, U1-axis guide die, V1-axis guide die auxiliary thrust, V-axis mandrel. There are 9-11 axis servo motor control for the multi-storey mold. They are: feed Y axis, transfer B axis, bending C axis, head horizontal displacement X axis, head up and down displacement Z axis, clamping U axis, guide U1 axis, auxiliary thrust V1 axis, mandrel V axis. It can amplify the tenth axis and the eleventh axis; the guiding mold moves the Z1 axis and the pipe clamp to grab the G axis.

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