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Introduction to the characteristics of China single head hydraulic cnc pipe bending machine

When victimization air as operating gas, the pressure demand of CNC pipe bender is as follows: generally, once the operating pressure is not up to the pressure price needed by the instrumentation, the air flow input by the compressor is smaller than the prescribed price, then the rate of plasma arc ejection are weakened, and therefore cannot type high energy and high. The speed of plasma arc, leading to poor quality of the incision, pass, incision neoplasm development. From the purpose of read of the compressor, the most reason for the skimpy atmospheric pressure lies within the skimpy input air. additionally, the piston is also that the pressure of the air management valve of the pipe bender is simply too low, there's oil within the coil valve, and therefore the airway isn't sleek. counsel that users understand their own process needs, as well as cutting material, cutting thickness and cutting time, through the above-named factors comprehensive choice of appropriate compressor, once the compressor cannot meet the cutting needs, we are able to clearly see from the compressor output pressure display; additionally, before use, check the input gas. Pressure ought to check whether or not the adjustment of the air filtration pressure reducing valve is correct, and whether or not the gauge pressure will meet the cutting needs. Otherwise, the filter pressure reducing valve ought to be maintained daily to confirm that the air is dry and freed from grease. blessings and drawbacks of underwater plasma cutting will eliminate the noise generated by cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc pollution, effectively improve the work surroundings. With the event of high power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has exceeded fifteen millimetre, that widens the cutting vary of CNC plasma pipe bender. CNC pipe bending machine plasma cutting: CNC plasma arc cutting could be a CNC pipe bending machine victimisation the warmth of extreme temperature plasma arc to soften (and evaporate) the metal a part of the piece of work incision, and by high-speed plasma momentum to eliminate the liquified metal to make a cutting methodology.
CNC plasma cutting compressor select CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine cutting speed and cutting vary square measure improved than flame cutting, let alone the maturity of CNC plasma pipe bender technology in recent years, the market additionally has additional and additional users select plasma cutting mode, compared with ancient cutting mode. See, numerical management plasma pipe bender has the benefits of high potency, high exactness and stability, particularly appropriate for production and process and high exactness cutting needs. additionally, from the price purpose of read, because of the removal of cutting gas prices, the relative value of numerical management plasma pipe bender is additional economical, particularly for mass process. the assembly value management are additional obvious.

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