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The numerical control hydraulic pipe bender adopts hydraulic drive. The control precision has been greatly improved, with high bending power and high bending precision. The programming and input are directly carried out on the dialogue screen. The relevant information can be automatically selected and displayed in Chinese, which is convenient and accurate.The medium-sized pipe bender, with simple control, makes your operation and program design simple and convenient. It is widely used in mass production or standardized production, such as the production of exhaust pipe, cushion, bumper, sports equipment and all iron pipe furniture. At the same time, it is used in boiler, aerospace, shipbuilding and general engineering piping.Characteristics of CNC pipe bender1. This machine adopts single chip control, plus numerical control module, man-machine interface dialogue operation, program setting is simple and easy.2. Free choice, manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic function.3. The elbow is hydraulically driven.4. Program settings, each file can be set 16 automatic bending, and 20 bending angle, memory storage 16 groups of files.5. In the process of processing, the display screen of the mobile controller displays the current processing value of the angle and the elbow, and can also set the single step action, half cycle operation and full cycle operation.6. It has the function of automatic detection of errors and faults. When there is abnormal action or danger, the machine will stop immediately, send out abnormal alarm, display the cause of the fault, and help the operator to eliminate the fault.

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