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Introduce the application field of tube bending dies and molds for automatic pipe bending machine

First, the use of bending machine molds in the production of power generation equipment

Under the circumstances that global energy supply is becoming more serious day by day and oil prices continue to rise, the demand for power generation equipment has become more and more significant. In the production process of power generation equipment, the cost of only the mold part of the CNC pipe bending machine is very considerable.

Second, the use of bending machine mold in mold making operations

In the process of making the bending machine mold, the numerical control bending machine mold is required in almost all the steps of forming mold, hot working mold, cold working mold and plastic mold. In addition, automobiles, high-speed trains, general machinery operations, and wood processing industries that have gradually expanded their usage in recent years have become the main users of the CNC tube bending machine mold profession.

Third, the use of pipe bending machine mold in the aerospace industry

In this profession, CNC pipe bender molds are typically used to cut aircraft structural components. These structural members are generally bulky, and a large number of aluminum alloys have been used in the past. Following the expansion of the use of titanium alloys and composite materials, the requirements for mold processing of CNC tube bending machines are also increasing.

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