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Pipe processing machines, pipe bending machine, hydraulic tube bending machine, metal circular saws, pipe cutters, pipe end forming machines, mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, fully automatic pipe benders, high-speed presses, plate rolling machines, shear folds Sheet metal processing equipment such as machine tools and roll forming production lines have made significant progress in terms of processing accuracy, reliability, technical indicators, energy saving and emission reduction, and pleasantness. The new product development capabilities and market competitiveness have been greatly improved. So what is the relationship between the pipe bending machine value and the three-dimensional coordinate data? Now let's listen to the stage and the mechanical experts.

Improving security capabilities. First, we must actively promote lean management of pipe bender production. Deepen the state maintenance of power transmission and transformation equipment, and increase the application of advanced technologies and equipment such as live detection. Comprehensively implement equipment status inspections, and actively expand the integration of power transmission and operation and maintenance pilots. The second is to strengthen the research on the company's operation control technology. In-depth analysis of the operating characteristics and structural changes of companies such as UHV commissioning, optimizing the company's operating methods, deepening the application of intelligent company scheduling technology support systems, and improving the company's level of safe and economic operation.

The processing value of the pipe bending equipment can of course be converted into three-dimensional coordinate data and can be marked on the three-dimensional diagram, but it should be noted that the rebound value of the material must be distinguished by +-, and the direction and angle of the pipe rotation can also be changed. It is noted in the three-dimensional icon, but in production and use, it is necessary to pay attention to the distinction of actual values. In the CNC and NC2 pipe bending equipment, the example of converting the pipe bending machine processing value into three-dimensional coordinate data has been used for a long time. The 3 coordinates usually used by pipe benders are X.Y.Z, and the coordinates displayed on CNC pipe benders are Y.B.C. These two kinds of coordinates can be directly converted to each other on the pipe bender.

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