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The medium-frequency pipe bending machine has an automatic through-hole lubrication function. It automatically sprays the required bending lubricant into the pipe before each bending, which can improve the bending quality and increase the life of the mold.

Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine has a standard guide mold auxiliary pushing device, designed with independent pressure and speed adjustment knobs, which can easily adjust the needs of the bent pipe, making the generally thicker and more difficult bending work easy. Such as the bending of stainless steel pipes with a small bending radius or the bending of heavy pipes. High rigid mechanical structure design and precision craftsmanship in line with the principles of dynamic mechanics. With both structural strength, the simple curved hand and bending head design provides the maximum bending space, which minimizes the interference range of the machine. The structure is stable when bending, and it can easily achieve relatively difficult bending work, with high stability and long service life.

Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine Material: stainless steel, pipe thickness: 3.5 (mm), radius of curvature: 101.6 (mm), model: A100TNCB, weight: 4500 (kg) :, NC single-axis hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine, with PLC control The device can edit and store 10 kinds of bending angles for automatic bending.

Intermediate frequency elbow mechanism adopts shaft joint locking design. Compared with the general simple cylinder push design, it can ensure a large clamping force, and the bending quality is uniform and excellent. The mid-frequency tube bender has the function of slowly withdrawing the heart. According to the program, the back-moving time of the through-hole in the tube is set according to the program, which can avoid the appearance of the tube caused by the fixed position of the through-hole in the tube, so as to improve the quality of the appearance of the tube....

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