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Independent research and development of pipe bending machine CNC system

Independent research and development of CNC tube bending machine and high-end tube end forming machine control system software team. The software simulation module can simulate the actual machining process and detect the interference of the machining process; the fault knowledge base, the anti-wrinkle touch group, the multi-section live core device, the three-layer structure system based on the interface technology, so that the upper computer program and the motion control card Separation, improve the flexibility of the whole system; the application of a number of techniques such as the tapered lever push-clamping device has been found to be the first in the world by the national first-level search unit; automatic processing can realize multi-coordinate linkage, motion control card and sequential motion comprehensive control . Using a database server to uniformly store the processing information of the entire workshop not only facilitates the maintenance of the database, but also reduces the cost. The intelligent process planning, automatic rebound compensation and extension compensation, and intelligent anti-wrinkle system of CNC tube bender software are among the first in the world, greatly increasing the added value of products. The system is developed based on the Windows XP platform, and the processing interface is laid out in a graphical manner. An intelligent system that realizes motion synthesis control and automatic process decomposition and fusion processing in graphical programming.

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