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During the operation of the fully automatic pipe bending machine, all parts of the pipe bending machine can be maintained under severe environmental conditions (such as rain), improper operation and misoperation, and overload. All systems of the pipe bending machine are suitable for operation in the environment of ± 40 ℃ and 0 ~ 100% humidity. The pipe bending machine is suitable for local use at an altitude of 0~3000m. Before working on the pipe bending machine, a suitable workplace should be selected. The quality of a fully automatic pipe bending machine is very important for the quality of the products produced afterwards, so how should the quality of the pipe bending machine be identified? Taiwan and pipe bending experts believe that it can be started from several aspects:

   1. The hardness of the mold base and the mold hardness are also the key to whether the equipment can be used normally in the future. When the mold base hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC60 mold hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC50, it will affect the hose crimping quality.

   2. Measure the main parameters of the equipment: leave the equipment in the state of empty operation, touch each mold base block with your hand, the hand feel should not shake, otherwise it is regarded as unqualified product.

  3. Put the equipment on the mold, withhold a sample joint, measure the withholding joint with caliper or micrometer, the roundness and taper should be within 0.1mm, which is good.

   4. Finally, check the eight-part average division of the equipment mold base and the flatness of the mold. Good equipment will specifically control and adjust these two items, while some low-quality equipment does not control the above two parameters.

The quality of the automatic pipe bending machine is good. In the production process, we also need to pay attention to the stability of the processing of the pipe bending machine. In summary, it includes two aspects, one is its coincidence, and the other is the pressure gauge. Only when these two aspects meet the requirements, can the machine tool and pipe bender mold not be damaged, and the quality requirements of the bending workpiece can be guaranteed. The pipe bender mould on the pipe bender is divided into upper and lower parts. The coincidence degree is the coincidence of the upper and lower dies of the pipe bending machine. In addition, it is divided into vertical coincidence and horizontal coincidence. In the vertical overlap, pay attention to the gap between the two, not too large or too small. Therefore, when adjusting the gap, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the pressure gauge.

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