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Hydraulic pipe bending machine maintenance and maintenance methods

Maintenance and maintenance of the automatic cnc tube bender:

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2. Before each start-up, press the smooth chart to ensure punctuality, fixed point, and quantitatively add smooth oil. The oil should be clean and free of sediment.

3, the bender is necessary to always adhere to clean, unpainted part of the anti-rust grease.

4, the smooth grease in the motor bearing should be replaced regularly, and often check whether the electrical part of the operation is normal and safe.

5. Check the triangle belt, handle, knob and button of the bending machine regularly for damage. If the wear is serious, replace it in time and report the spare parts to make up.

6. Before going to work every day, smooth the machine tool and wipe the machine.

7. The blade should be tightened regularly and oiled.

8, can not cut the plate beyond the rated pressure.

9. It is forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment. It is usually necessary to stop people from leaving the aircraft.

CNC tube bending machine maintenance

1. Do not put your hand between the upper and lower blades to avoid accidents.

2. It is necessary for the operator to understand the structure and function of the machine. This CNC bending machine is operated by many people, so it is necessary to have a special person to be the conductor.

3. All the sundries and things should not be placed on the workbench, so as to avoid damage to the edge of the blade.

4. The sharpness of the knife edge should be checked regularly. If the knife edge is found to be blunt, it should be ground or interchanged in time. The grinding of the blade requires only the thickness of the blade to be ground.

5, should regularly check the various parts of the machine, and adhere to the cleaning of the machine and surrounding places, the outstanding line insulation of the power supply is outstanding.

6. The net type oil filter placed on the oil pump suction port should always check the cleaning so that the oil filter adheres to the oil flow. If the oil filter is blocked, the oil flow is reduced, which will cause the oil pump to suck and affect the oil pump. The service life makes the machine not work properly.

7. The accumulator is filled with nitrogen and cannot be filled with oxygen, compressed air or other flammable gases. When filling with nitrogen, apply a special dedicated air tube that is randomly equipped, and the pressure should not exceed 8 MPa.

8. This CNC bending machine is designed to be smooth and smooth, so please smooth the smooth points for daily operation.

Pipe bending machine operation principle

The upper blade is fixed on the knife holder, the lower blade is fixed on the lower bed surface, and the equipment on the bed surface has a ball for the feeding movement of the sheet material, and the rear material blocking plate is used for positioning the sheet material, and the orientation is adjusted by the positioning pin. . The hydraulic cylinder is used to compress the sheet to prevent the sheet from turning over during shearing. Shed panels are safety equipment to avoid work injuries.

(1) Adjust the front bezel

Hold the tailgate against the lower edge, and then press the template against the rear bezel to hold the front bezel against the template and fix it. Loosen the tailgate, remove the template, load the sheet, and cut.

(2) Adjusting the tailgate

Align the sample plate with the lower knife edge, and then press the back plate against the template and fix it, remove the template, and then load the plate for cutting.

(3) Adjust the angle baffle

First place the template on the table to align the lower edge, adjust the angle baffle and fix it, and then adjust the tailgate according to the template. Use the angle baffle and the tailgate together for positioning during the cutting process.

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