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As a type of sheet metal shearing equipment, the pipe bending machine has been widely used, but due to the high power of its main driving motor, the starting current of the pipe bending machine will also be higher. In order to avoid the impact of excessive starting current on the power grid, corresponding starting current limiting measures are adopted in the pipe bending machine, and the most effective way is to use a soft start system.

Pipe bending machine

The so-called soft start is actually a depressurization start, and after the pressure decreases, the starting current will also decrease. The most commonly used step-down starting methods include star angle starting, stator series resistance starting, and autotransformer starting, which replace the original starting method and protect the power grid from damage while ensuring the normal operation of the pipe bending machine. When the motor in the pipe bending machine starts, a certain amount of starting current is generated, which often has adverse effects on the power grid. So for motors with larger capacity like this, it is generally not allowed to start under load. Soft start is the most suitable option for pipe bending machines.

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