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How to use pipe bending machine correctly?

How to use tube bending machine correctly

It is extremely important to use pipe bending machine in a human and intelligent way. The safety of the operator and the mold unit personnel is as important as the life of the bender. Appropriate use and maintenance of the bender will add to the life of the bender. However, incorrect use can lead to accidents and there are serious risks. The use of a bender for faults may not be intentional, but it will accelerate the wear of the bender parts and the degradation of various functions.

There is a safety guard beside the bent arm of cnc tube bender. If the operator enters the action range of the meandering arm, the elbow arm will stop suddenly when the elbow arm grips the operator, and the screen will show an alarm to prevent The personnel were severely pinched.

When the bender is in an emergency, you can press the emergency stop button to stop the power supply to prevent risk. After the risk is removed, you need to boot from scratch. Make sure the power is turned on before turning it on from the beginning.

1. The orientation of the emergency stop button

On the operator panel: Pressing this button will abort all motor and servo power.

2. Prevent overload

Indiscriminate use of the bender equipment will create an overload of the bender parts. Excessive load may not be intentional, but it is easy to happen. This is because the torque required for the twists and turns of the pipe is greater than the original torque range of the pipe bender.

Recognize the load in the operation of the bender to prevent overloading of the machine components, otherwise it will affect the service life of the bender and the safety of the operator.

Just telling! The biggest tortuosity is the most standard of the tensile coefficient 40Kg/cm2 of the tortuous general iron pipe.

Please be sure to adhere to these skill standards, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the bender.

3. Safety training

Through professional pre-job training and check-up, it is possible to prevent accidental damage that may occur during production or to minimize it. It is necessary for the safety training program to be supervised by leaders and managers. It is necessary for managers to be sensitive to safe work in all their job duties.

In order to achieve maximum maintenance, proper training is necessary. It is common to infuse employees with the safety concept of the working environment and machine operation, and attach important rules such as mold device guidance, safety devices and operation methods and personal safety to individual safety awareness.

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