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Pipe bending machine is a type of equipment that can be used for elbows, and it is crucial for the large and medium-sized construction industry. For example, it can be used in the basic construction of railway lines, and the basic construction of roads also has its shadow. In possible situations, it can still be used as a hydraulic jack, but this type of situation is because there is no hydraulic jack application nearby, so it is considered. If we encounter problems with the pipe bending machine throughout the entire application process, how should we carry out maintenance?China cnc pipe bending machine automatic tube bender factory Wonsten will Let you learn together next!

1. Firstly, we can check if some of the weapons and equipment on the pipe bending machine are installed properly, such as the device. If this equipment is not installed properly, we need to install it before we can start using it. As this is a matter of hidden dangers, one should not be careless and should carefully install and inspect it.
2. When we first started using a pipe bending machine, we need to check if there is any dirt around the area where everyone is working. If there is any dirt before, we need to clean it up so that it doesn't easily hinder everyone's work. We need to pay attention to whether there are any liquids that are very prone to falling from the ground during work. If there are any, clean up the oil stains or relocate the work environment.
3. Before applying the equipment, we need to check some key parts of the equipment, such as in areas that are easy to operate. We can wipe some lubricating grease so that the equipment can be used in normal operation under application conditions. If there is a certain situation in the email, everyone should immediately fill up the oil, so as not to easily endanger the equipment's work. Naturally, we should also pay attention when applying lubricating grease.

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