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How to solve the problem of slow working speed and degreasing of hydraulic pipe bending machine

1. How to adjust the working speed of the hydraulic pipe bending machine:

Hydraulic pipe bending machine generally has a speed of bending pipe. When the pipe is small, the fastest gear is used. When the pipe is small, the slow gear is used. Like the above speed control method, on the control panel, press the prompt to modify it. . If you want to solve the problem, I suggest you buy a fully automatic CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine, which can process about 1000 tubes a day.

2. How to adjust the speed of the hydraulic bending machine in the work?

The bending machine is a 2.5-meter double cylinder. The cutting point of the cutter is different. The cylinder is newly repaired. It does not fall into the cylinder. What should I do? Note: The domestic hydraulic pipe bending machine works with high strength and the service life will be very short. It is recommended that you look at the imported ones.

Two stroke switches next to the machine, one is the height limit, the other is the pressure relief, and the pressure relief is lowered a little, it is slower.

3, hydraulic hydraulic pipe bending machine in the work, the oil speed is slow, the oil speed is fast, how is it?

Generally, when the weather is cold, the oil intake speed will be slower, because the viscosity of the oil is high, so it is slow. It takes only one hour to use it. It is better not to adjust the speed of the work and the speed of the work. It is easy to mess. If you want to ask why the oil in the tank is slow when it comes in, then you are not clear about the hydraulic pipe bender. When the work is pressed down, the oil in the cylinder is sucked into the cylinder through the large hydraulic control valve, and is pressurized by the valve body when the work is advanced. When returning, the oil is returned to the valve body. The oil is flushed like a flush. The large hydraulic control valve is not with the valve group but is hung there on the front side of the fuel tank, so you can only watch it. Go back to the oil surfing. You can't see the oil absorption, the oil absorption has a large diameter. On the front side, you should never touch it, and you can't hold it.

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