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Pipe bending machine is a kind of equipment that can be used for elbows. It is mainly used in large and medium-sized construction industry. For example, it can be used in the case of basic construction of railway lines, and the basic construction of roads also has its shadow. If possible, it can also be used as a hydraulic jack, but this kind of situation is because there is no hydraulic jack application nearby, so it can be used as a hydraulic jack. If there is a problem with the pipe bender in the whole process of application, how to carry out the maintenance? Let's learn together!

1. First of all, we can check whether some weapons and equipment on the pipe bender are installed properly, such as the equipment. If this equipment is not installed properly, we need to install it before we can start to apply it. Because this is about hidden dangers, we should not be careless, but install and check carefully.

2. When we just started to use the pipe bender, we should check whether there is any dirt around the area where you are working. If there is any dirt, we should clean it up, so that it is not easy to hinder your work. We should pay attention to whether there are some liquids that are very easy to make people fall down from the ground during work. If there are, we should clean up the oil stains or move the work environment.

3. Before applying the equipment, we need to check some key parts of the equipment. For example, in some areas where the operation is convenient, we can wipe some lubricating grease, so that the equipment can be used in normal operation under the condition of application. If there are certain conditions in the e-mail box, everyone should fill up the oil immediately, so that it is not easy to endanger the work of the equipment. Naturally, we should also pay attention when wiping grease

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