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In the past year, the company has been improving and upgrading various pipe bending machine products. In order to achieve the overall development of the pipe bending process and the production efficiency of pipe bending equipment, we have carried out a number of technological revolutions on the pipe bending machine products. The improvement and promotion of the pipe bending process make the pipe bending process of the small-diameter pipe fitting and the large-diameter pipe fitting no longer complicated.

In the use of hydraulic pipe bending machine equipment customers, the most common problem failure is nothing more than that the pipe bending machine cannot bend or clamp and a component cannot be used normally. If there is no pressure problem after the pipe bending machine starts, we should Check if there is any problem with the hydraulic oil used on the pipe bending machine, or the inside of the case is too dirty for the oil pump to suck in the oil. Under the premise that the power cord is not replaced under normal conditions, the starter motor is running normally, and the oil pump will not work due to reverse rotation. .

If the oil pump inlet of the motor is running normally, we should check its solenoid valve. First, check the relief valve without pressure. After disassembling the relief valve, check if there is any garbage such as iron pins. The spool is stuck. After disassembling the solenoid valve, use gasoline or kerosene to clean the inside. After cleaning, use a gas nozzle to blow off the remaining gasoline or kerosene, and then restore and install it according to the original steps.

Hydraulic pipe bending machine equipment can work normally without pressure. After excluding oil and motor faults, there are only solenoid valve problems and electrical problems. However, in the manual mode, you can press any action and the overflow valve will display. If the work lamp is not on, the appliance has a problem. If the work lamp is on, the appliance is normal. You only need to disassemble and clean the relief valve to eliminate the fault.

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