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How to set and manage the parameters of China single head hydraulic cnc automatic pipe bending machine

The establishment and management of all key setting parameters of china single head cnc pipe bending machine, controlled by CNC (clamping, die pressing, mandrel, CLR), fixed or variable radius bending. Increased capacity to 200%% thanks to the VGP3D generated by the advanced work cycle.
    Real-time, automatic simulation of a piece while it's programming. Component feasibility checks and generates the most appropriate duty cycle (time and cost), highlights possible collision risks, and automatically selects the most efficient avoidance route. By simply entering the component bending coordinates, the complete NC program is a graphical simulation. Particularly suitable for straight bending between them, ELECT XL is mainly used in construction machinery, industrial vehicles, and in branches such as railways, shipbuilding, automobiles, motorcycles, hydraulic pipes. The material of the elbow is mainly stainless steel, aluminum tube, copper tube, iron tube. From the equipment, there are manual bends and sluggish bends (hydraulic). Thin-walled elbows with small diameters (below 19) may be implemented on manual pipe benders. The special pipe fittings for the medium pipe diameter (20-50) are mainly equipped with hydraulic and medium frequency pipe bending machines.
    The large pipe diameter (50---90) pipe bending machine was originally the first if the car intake, exhaust gas is trivial. Large pipe diameter (more than 100), the first for large trucks, pipelines and pipes for extraordinary needs.

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