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How to select the best oil for pipe bending machine

Hydraulic pipe bending machine may be a new elbow tool with elbow operate and lifting operate. Before shopping for the machine, the overall merchants can hesitate to decide on the oil of pipe bender and the way a lot of oil the pipe bender desires. currently hear Suzhou Wonsten (one of China pipe bending machine manufacturers) Engineer's introduction, as follows:
What quite oil will the pipe bending machine need? additionally to the pipe bending operate, the pipe bending machine may be used as a separate hydraulic lifting machine to get rid of the pipe bending elements (cylinders). General pipe cutting machines area unit used (the Great Wall Puli metric linear unit - forty six motor oil).
How a lot of oil does one want for the pipe bending machine? As for a way much you wish, betting on the dimensions of the machine you get, the oil you wish varies from size to size.

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