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In the bad market environment of low-price competition, such as CNC machine tools such as cnc pipe benders and cnc hydraulic tube benders, many domestic manufacturers and brands are not prominent, lack of technological innovation, rely heavily on advanced foreign technology, and lack core competitiveness. At the same time, the rise in labor costs and the rise in raw materials have also greatly increased the cost pressure of many enterprises.

Although the machine tools in the pipe bender industry in China started late, they are supported by the downstream machinery processing and other related industries. The industry as a whole is developing rapidly and the scale is also growing. But for the time being, although many companies have improved their strength, they are still in an extensive business model. Due to excessive competition, the homogeneity of products is serious, resulting in narrow profit margins, and also restricts the development of many enterprises. So how to obtain the automatic pipe bender with less investment is a question worth exploring. Can you upgrade the original machine without buying a fully automatic pipe bender? The answer is yes. The experience of upgrading and reforming for several years tells us that this is very promising, not only good practical performance and short cycle, but also can save a lot of money.

Questions that need attention in CNC upgrade, what kind of machine tool is suitable for CNC upgrade and remanufacturing? Experience has shown that vertical and horizontal lathes (especially large vertical and horizontal lathes), gantry milling upgrade NC gantry milling, gantry planer upgrade Upgrading of horizontal boring and milling machine to CNC horizontal boring and milling machine and vertical and horizontal grinder to upgrade CNC grinding machine have better effects.

CNC upgrade must be redesigned and remanufactured first to make it meet the requirements of CNC. Simply adding servo motors and numerical control systems cannot achieve the purpose of upgrading. To do this, generally do the following:

Replace the original trapezoidal lead screw with a ball screw to improve accuracy, reduce friction, grind, scrape and grind the guide rail, or use the linear rolling guide to refine the spindle system, improve the accuracy of the spindle, design an automatic cooling chip removal system, and increase the degree of machine automation when necessary Increase the tool change mechanism-the tool magazine manipulator designs and manufactures an automatic lubrication system.

The CNC system and servo system should be determined and selected during the transformation. The function of the CNC system is not as good as possible, and the system with more functions is generally more expensive. The domestic system and the imported system should be selected according to the needs. At present, there is still a gap between domestic systems and imported systems. Generally, imported systems are better for large-scale high-precision equipment. However, the domestic system has made great progress in recent years, and it can be used reliably for general lathes and milling machines. The servo motor first selects the AC servo motor.

的 The choice of remanufactured CNC upgrade contracting company is also very important. To choose a company that has passed the certification certification, the current remanufacturing industry is still very unregulated. The prices of different companies for the same machine tool modification vary widely, and sometimes the difference is as high as-times. Fixed sites, companies without a stable technical team cannot do remanufacturing. A good remanufacturing enterprise must have strong electromechanical design capabilities and certain processing and manufacturing capabilities.

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