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China induction heating pipe bending machine industry should seize the opportunity of national policy support and huge market space, increase skills and talent training, give full play to the market mechanism to complete the self-optimization of the CNC industry, improve the ability of enterprises to provide services, and try to shorten the gap with developed countries. We strive to complete the change of CNC automatic pipe bender products from low-end to high-end, from primary product processing to high-precision product manufacturing in advance.

China induction heating pipe bender is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical part, hydraulic system and PLC control system. The mechanical part is mainly composed of rotating tube clamping equipment, bending tube transmission equipment, booster equipment, bed and tube bending die. The operating principle of the pipe bending: the pipe bending die is fixed on the main shaft and rotates with the main shaft, the pipe is fixed on the clamping groove of the fan-shaped pipe bending die through the clamping die, and the movable booster guide pressing chute is close to the tube blank The zigzag outside.

Application of induction heating pipe bending machine in China

Safety practice: After professional pre-job practice and assessment, accidental injuries that may appear during the production process can be prevented or minimized. The safety exercise program must be supervised and guided by leaders and managers. Managers must remain sensitive to safe operations within the scope of all their work responsibilities; in order to achieve the maximum protection effect, appropriate practice is necessary. Normally, employees should be instilled in the safety concept of the working environment and machine operation, and important rules such as mold equipment guidance, safety equipment and operating methods, and personal safety should be paid attention to personal safety awareness.

Position of the emergency stop button: On the operation panel: When this button is pressed, all motors and servo power supplies will be stopped.

Prevent overload: confirm the load of the machine in operation to prevent overloading of the machine components, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine and the safety of the operator. Misuse of machinery and equipment will cause overload of machine parts. Excessive load may not be deliberate, but it is easy to happen. This is because the torque required for the twisting of the pipe is greater than the torque scale of the machine's original design; please be sure to comply with these technical standards, otherwise the machine will be severely damaged. Warning! The biggest tortuous ability is that the tensile coefficient of general iron pipes is 40Kg/cm2.

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