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How to make the best quote for pipe bending machine clients

Chinese pipe bending machine is better than the hydraulic pipe bending machine in terms of performance and bending accuracy. The performance of automatic CNC pipe bending machine, mistreatment servo motor drive will effectively make sure the angle error of the bending pipe stability, whereas mistreatment multi-axis linkage, feeding mistreatment servo drive to manage the feeding length accuracy, the error is bonded among.1 mm. The pipe bending which needs three-dimensional rotation angle is additionally controlled by time period servo drive. The error is absolute to be among 0.1mm. once the bend is driven by servo, feeding by servo, turning angle by servo and three-axis linkage, the bend exactitude is effectively bonded. At a similar time, because of the special pipe bending needs and variety of bending radius on a pipe, we will conjointly use dual-mode management servo automatic die modification to change the scale of R, the intermediate method doesn't have to be compelled to pause once forming, to avoid the difficulty of hydraulic pipe bender to exchange the mildew back and forth, at a similar time, the bending accuracy and size can even have. Effective guarantee.

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