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Bends are important components widely used in various industrial fields, and are generally bent using pipe bending machine equipment. So how to conduct load tests on the pipe bending machine?

1. Each fully automatic machine should undergo a full load test and bend the pipe fittings twice (with a bending angle of 180 °) according to its maximum rotational torque.

2. During the full load test, the operation of the fully automatic pipe bending machine should be stable, reliable, and comply with relevant regulations.

When conducting type tests on 3 pipe bending machines and new or updated products, overload tests should be carried out. The overload test should be carried out three times using a fully automatic pipe bending machine, bending the pipe fittings with a high rotational torque of 110% (bending angle of 180 °). Batch standardized production is allowed to undergo sampling inspection, with a sampling rate of 10% of each batch's output, but not less than one unit.

With the development of society, the demand for various types of bent pipes in various industries will rapidly increase, and the precision requirements for pipe bending forming will also become higher and higher. This prompts people to conduct in-depth research on pipe bending processing technology and equipment.

What important roles does the pipe bending machine play in pipeline installation.

When installing pipelines, it involves site requirements and requires the use of various bends, such as 90 ° and 45 ° bends. Due to the use of a large number of bent pipes and the complexity of the on-site situation, it is not possible to make all the bent pipes in advance. The use of fully automatic equipment allows for direct on-site operation, which is very convenient.

When bending pipes, some conditions need to be met: construction drawings and standard drawings have been prepared and reviewed. When using an automatic pipe bending machine to bend, the operator's face should avoid the bent steel pipe to prevent the pipe bending machine from slipping and injuring people. When using fire to simmer and bend, it is prohibited to stand at the pipe mouth to prevent injury from blasting. The position of the coal furnace should be in contact with the fire department, and flammable materials surrounding it must be eliminated. The fire must be extinguished before work to prevent accidents.

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