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On the use of automatic pipe bending machine, in addition to pay attention to the processing method and principle, but also pay attention to the relevant installation method. Because the installation often needs to involve the relevant accessories, such as the installation of straight pipe, as well as the installation of pressure pipe, here we will introduce the relevant installation skills and methods in detail

In the installation process of automatic pipe bender, if it involves the installation of pipes, it is necessary to cut a straight pipe of the same length, and the length is generally kept at about one time of the diameter. Under the same conditions, welding bending should be maintained at right angles to ensure welding quality. On the other hand, the installation of pipes needs to be combined with the use of metal materials, because the production of pipes will be involved in the future, so the choice of materials is also criticalWhen installing the pipe fittings of automatic pipe bender, pay attention to the traditional drilling method, in which the metal utilization rate needs to be maintained above 50%. The metal utilization rate is very high when the drawing method is used to bend the pipe. Of course, the production of elbow should also consider its bearing capacity. In actual processing, the higher the bearing density, the higher the durability. In addition, the heat resistance of the elbow should also be considered. Once exposed to an open flame, the ability to cool your elbows quickly is also critical. Of course, in practice, also should be careful not to use the open flame operation, but to maintain the shape and toughness of the elbow. Only when both are kept in good condition can the machinability of the product be guaranteed.

For the installation of automatic pipe bending machine, it is necessary to ensure that it has the characteristics that other pipe bends do not have, in order to be reasonably applied to the relevant range of application. The details of all aspects of the equipment should be fully considered, otherwise it is easy to affect the normal use of the equipment in the later stage.

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