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How to improve the core competitiveness of pipe bender manufacturers

Most of China pipe bending machine manufacturers are settled within the middle of the economic chain for a protracted time. The front-end R&D and back-end sales can play a decisive role in dominant the complete chain, whereas the intermediate producing links ar in a very passively controlled position. this can be conjointly one in all the drawbacks of introducing technology.
For example, within the go, there's an aphorism of “Golden Corner grass Grass Tummy”. within the producing trade, the technology analysis and development finish of the economic chain head is that the most powerful and profitable a part of the economic chain; the second is that the tail of the economic chain. Sales and after-sales service; the last is that the process and producing position within the middle section, the management is that the weakest, and also the adventitious price is that the lowest, and most of China's enterprises are settled within the most embarrassing position.
China's little automatic pipe bending machine makers are varied, that has caused the matter of poor analysis strength. The technology or patents researched in universities are tough to be accepted by little enterprise makers due to their value, that ends up in our automatic bending. The tube machine technology has stagnated, creating our product additional and additional out of the particular higher needs. Of course, little businesses don't desire to relinquish up the technology analysis and development facet. However, below sure objective factors, it's tough to urge this a part of the profit.
Sales and after-sales service are the foremost intense competition for little businesses. With the event of technology, sales channels have begun to extend, like e-commerce technology. the web may be a excellent information tool. The search site's bidding and improvement target the competition of assorted SMEs. Its main advantages are small investment and large returns. But such resources are limited.
Processing and manufacturing For small enterprises with CNC automatic pipe bending machines, the main technical and quality gaps are not large, and in the end they often evolve into price wars. Of course, these manufacturers are not willing to see. In summary, if you want to get core competitiveness, you can't give up the R&D innovation.

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