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When the temperature exceeds the value of the product in the process of processing, the surface of the product will appear degree of deformation, so that the surface of the product will appear a lot of fine cracks, in fact, such a problem is not only because of the temperature, but also may be caused by the problem of bending materials, in the process of processing products appear high-speed deformation will lead to damage to the processing equipment.

Crack formation conditions, we all know that the product in the process of processing the length of the crack can reach the vertical axis of the vertical bending machine in the grain boundary, is also said to be perpendicular to the tensile pipe clamp, after heat treatment, the product needs to be bent, the product surface of the micro crack will become a crystal pull, the general study of the mechanics of bending pipe processing equipment and micro crack situation, The tensile strength of the product is not affected at indoor temperatures.

When the pipeline is transported and processed, the bending direction of different products will also change with different radii and angles, and such products will also become an indispensable part of the engineering pipeline. If the wall thickness of the product is changed and the bending mechanical properties change, it will affect the quality of the product. The technology of the product is very important when it is processed.

In fact, processing technology is very important, in the process of processing, we have to ensure the processing temperature and bending degree of the product, because most of the cracks on the surface of the product are affected by the temperature during the processing process, the higher the temperature, the micro-cracks will gradually increase, and a small part is because of the micro-cracks on the surface of the product when it is hot bending.

The wear of CNC pipe bending machine is generally more serious, then how should we reduce this wear?

First, the imported guide rail should add new grease every week to reduce wear damage.

Second, clamp the cylinder, bearing, slide using grease, fill once every 1-2 weeks.

Third, the lubrication of the remaining parts of the bearing should be cleaned and loaded every year.

Four, automatic CNC bending machine spindle bearing, used in high-speed grease opening and closing mechanical seal without lubricating oil.

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