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The CNC pipe bending machine is the bending production equipment at the core of aerospace engineering, vehicles, electric locomotives, motorcycles, ships, electric engineering, natural gas, sporting goods, etc. It has the characteristics of multiple functions, reasonable structure, convenient use, convenient movement, and rapid assembly. CNC pipe bender is a kind of winding bending machine equipment that can perform one bending radius or two bending radii for pipe fittings in hot state.

The remaining amount of finish machining of CNC pipe bender is an important data information. The remaining amount of machining refers to the unnecessary metal thickness of the surface layer to be produced and processed on the product workpiece in the process of machining and manufacturing. The unnecessary metal material can be removed by machining and manufacturing to obtain the surface layer of the design points.

The remaining quantity of finishing machining of CNC pipe bender also needs to be determined by comparison and calculation. Generally, customers must master various elements of the remaining quantity of harmful machining, and then determine it by combining comprehensive analysis and calculation. The remaining quantity of machining obtained by such comprehensive and clear method will be more appropriate.

The remaining amount of finish machining will directly affect the machining conclusion of CNC pipe bending machine. If the remaining amount of machining is too large, the cutting speed will need to be increased, so the dimensional accuracy and the quality of the material surface will be affected. If the remaining amount of finishing is too small, then the deviation left by the product workpiece in the previous process flow cannot be completely removed, and there are also many problems such as defects left on the surface, so that the product workpiece becomes waste. Therefore, it is very important to rationalize the remaining amount of finishing of CNC pipe bender.The company specializes in the production of pipe benders, pipe cutters, CNC pipe benders, automatic pipe cutters, hydraulic pipe benders, and sheet metal processing.

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