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The application of pipes in industrial processing sites is very common, and it is also one of the essential processing materials in many operation processes. However, considering the different practical applications of pipes, when using a pipe bending machine to process pipes, it is necessary to pay attention to some methods and techniques to improve the application rate of pipes and avoid the thinning of pipes during processing, which will affect the actual application effect. In order to reduce this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to some operating methods and apply appropriate processing techniques when using bending equipment for processing and production.

When using a pipe bending machine to process pipes, in order to avoid the pipe wall becoming thinner and thinner during the bending process, it is necessary to reduce the stress generated on the outer side of the neutral layer during the stretching process. To achieve this operating effect, local heating can be used to adjust and reduce the possibility of metal changes on the inner side of the neutral layer, so that the material's stress is more uniform and concentrated in the local area, This can effectively prevent the phenomenon of pipe wall thinning during the use of bending equipment for pipe processing.

Secondly, during the use of the pipe bending machine, the operating method can also be changed, which can improve the processing effect of the pipe material. In the process of using bending equipment, it is not necessary to use the method of bending, but to achieve the purpose of processing through the push bending method, which can effectively avoid changes in the thickness of the pipe wall.

When installing and using a pipe bending machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of pipes, as the bending moment and state achieved during the bending process are directly related to the basic performance of the pipes and the selection of materials. The relationship between the design of the cross-section and processing parameters of the pipes is also inseparable.

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