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The pipe bending machine uses the electronic computer tool radius compensation and multi-coordinate continuous control system, which can produce and process random motion trajectory fitness movement and complex appearance of indoor space bevel, convenient production and processing of aircraft propeller, turbine blade, automobile appearance design for stamping die grinding tools and other complex bevel parts.
How much is a semi-automatic pipe bender? It's around 20,000 to 40,000. The pipe bending machine is produced and processed by CNC machine tool program flow automatic control system. In the whole process of work, there is generally no manual control, and the deviation caused by human factors or actual operation personnel is removed. The mechanical system of pipe bender is manufactured according to the specified design scheme of precision machine. Use ball screw, linear guide rail and other high precision transmission system components, high stiffness, good heat resistance, good vibration resistance. The single pulse equivalent or minimum setting module of servo motor driver system software can exceed 10 epoxy m-0.5Pm. In addition, most of the work uses closed-loop control or semi-feedback control containing feedback of inspection opinions, which has the function of deviation correction or compensation, which can further improve the accuracy and reliability.Semi-automatic pipe benderHow much is a small manual pipe bending machine? Between five and thirty thousand yuan. Mainly depends on the configuration. Manual steel bar bending machine is also known as manual bending pipe simple manual steel bar bending machine. No heating irrigation sand and other technology. The bending arc is smooth, clear and small in deformation. Easy to use, easy to carry. Applicable to industrial plant, rural, chemical plant, cooling, engineering construction, cable, pipeline construction, is a common manufacturing industry special tools.Hydraulic pipe benderHow much is a hydraulic pipe bender? It's around 20,000 to 60,000. This product is suitable for construction engineering, public high-speed rail construction, heating furnace, highway Bridges, ships, furniture, decoration design and other levels of pipeline pavement and repair, with a variety of functions, reasonable structure, convenient use, convenient moving, convenient installation and other advantages. In addition to the function of bending pipe, the machine can be used as a jack cylinder, compared with CNC machine bending machine equipment, low price, with easy to use characteristics, in China's pipe bending machine sales market occupies a key commodity position. NC pipe bender can make pipe fitting bending radius (single mode or 2 bending radius) under the condition of cooling pipe fitting. Pipe bender is mainly used for plastic forming of pipe. CNC automatic pipe leveling machine.
In general, how much is a pipe bender depending on how big the pipe is bent? How thick is the wall? What material is it made of? The other is what type of pipe bender is needed? Electric or hydraulic? In general, depending on the information you show, there are generally more than 5,000 to 100,000 personas on the market today.

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