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In southern cities, although winter is not cold, its cold is relatively biting, and it can last for a long time. People and mechanical equipment can be affected by this. There are many problems with pipe bending machine in winter, and these problems often occur. Many machines and equipment will encounter a phenomenon that they cannot start or cannot start. If this happens frequently, it will not have a good impact on this device. In the summer, the entire equipment will feel very relaxed without having to bear anything else. Now, let's take you through the measurement methods for identifying the quality of pipe benders.
The hardness of the mold base and mold is also the key to the normal use of the equipment in the future. When the mold base hardness is lower than Rockwell hardness 60 and the mold hardness is lower than Rockwell hardness 50.
2. Main parameters of measuring equipment: Let the equipment idle, touch each module with your hand, and the hand feeling cannot shake. Otherwise, it will be considered as unqualified product.
Place the equipment on the mold, buckle a sample joint, and measure the buckle joint with a caliper or micrometer. Roundness of 0.1MM is considered excellent.
4. Check the eight lobe average indexing of the equipment mold base and the flatness of the mold. Good equipment will specifically control and adjust these two parameters, while some inferior equipment will not control these two parameters.
The fully automatic pipe bender is widely used. However, friends who have used it know that the wear rate is high, so how can we reduce this wear rate?
Imported railway lines should be added with new grease every week. Clamp the high-temperature lubricating grease for the oil cylinder bearing and inject it every 1-2 weeks.
The remaining bearing lubrication of the automatic pipe bender should be cleaned once a year. Front and rear automatic elbow spindle bearings are suitable for high-speed grease opening and mechanical sealing without feeding. The fully automatic pipe bender and pipe cutting machine at the front should be kept clean, and the front and rear rail dust covers should be intact. In addition to the above five methods, there are certainly many other ways to reduce wear.

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