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In our daily lives, there are actually many things that we overlook. Simply put, there are many parts in life, even in the most common machines that you won't notice, such as a small component of a refrigerator - a fully automatic pipe bending machine. Below, we will introduce the development of the fully automatic bending machine power system.

With the advancement of technology, various industries have put forward new requirements for existing production. Of course, the fully automatic pipe bending machine, which is a widely used and widely used machine, is no exception.
Pipe bending machine
The purpose of the pipe bending machine during operation is to achieve plastic deformation of the steel pipe by applying a bending moment at a reasonable support point and a bending moment at the force point. However, other steps are added during the process to avoid abnormal deformation of the pipe bending machine during the bending process. Modern machines are bound to face updates and upgrades, and their power sources are constantly improving and improving. In the early days, pipe bending machines were handmade, with the main power source being single or multiple labor workers. The products that needed to be processed were generally small pipe fittings. This processing method has extremely low production efficiency, and the accuracy of the product is not enough, and the pipe shape that the bending machine can process is also limited.

With the development of modern technology, the level of our china cnc pipe bending machine automatic tube bender factory is also improving. There are three current driving methods, namely electric motor, hydraulic, and motor hydraulic hybrid. Most machinery and equipment are driven by electric motors, and different mechanisms can be used to design pipe bending machines that meet the requirements, such as gears, racks, and so on. Hydraulic transmission technology has developed rapidly, with a reasonable structure and convenient and safe operation. Hybrid drive adopts the advantages of hydraulic pipe bending machine and electric pipe bending machine, achieving high production efficiency.

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