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Depending on the length of the workbench, a number of hydraulic cylinders are arranged on the lower cross-beam of the fully automatic pipe bending machine, with the piston rod to the top of the workbench. When bending, these hydraulic cylinders enter the oil, creating upward pressure on the workbench, causing the workbench to produce upward deflection, consistent with the slider deflection direction. In order to make the pipe bending machine more curved, the auxiliary hydraulic cylinder can be arranged on its work bench or slider to produce deflection in the opposite direction, or there is a pivot at each end of the front and rear crossbars, while the workbench is located between the front and rear lower beams and the ends are supported on the pivot.

In addition, the position of the hydraulic cylinder in the tube bending machine can be arranged to align the deflection direction of the slider and the workbench. However, because even the same plate, its mechanical properties there are some differences, therefore, both the use of the same pair of molds and the same convex mold into the die depth processing, but also because of the difference in the mechanical properties of the plate and cause the change of bend ingenuation angle.

China pipe bending machine and cnc mandrel tube bender belongs to one of the forging machinery, with its increasing degree of automation, equipment is widely used in the metal processing industry, involving aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical, construction, ship, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other fields. On this basis, the bent machine work surface is processed into a slight lybulg in the middle, which helps to compensate for the deflection of the workbench when bending. One typical is the use of a number of oblique wedges to raise the work surface of the workbench and to connect the wedgetos to the screw and the worm drive.

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