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Do you know the history of China pipe bending machine manufacturers?

According to the technology of China pipe bending machine, it is widely used in power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, household appliance and upholstery in our country. Its technology is developing with the progress of modern technology.
The traditional 2D pipe bender has been unable to meet the complex industrial needs. 3D numerical control pipe bender is developing and maturing gradually under this background. The application of programmable logic controller (PLC) in pipe bending machine control system provides technical guarantee for complex requirements of elbow system. At present, because of the domestic air conditioning, the rise of Tianjin car rental, car and other industries, the demand for pipe bending machine changes from quantity to quality, so it also leads to the leap of pipe bending machine technology. Numerical control technology is finally introduced into the pipe bending machine industry. The intervention of numerical control is a technical revolution in the pipe bending industry, regardless of the speed and precision of the bend pipe. All of them have considerable advantages. Since the rapid development of the industrial economy in the 90s of the last century, the demand for building, equipment and transportation facilities in infrastructure construction has increased dramatically. The demand for various metal pipes has been far from satisfied, and the shape requirements of many metal tubes are also complicating, which has caused the design and development of the pipe bending machine system. As the leader of the industry, Jin Yuan took the lead in making use of the advantages of products and the integration technology of Zhongda Telecom to give the industry more vitality.
The processing technology of pipe bender is constantly improving, and in the future development, it is necessary to keep improving.

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