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Development and influence of pipe bending machine

In the practice of production, the traditional relay control system is often not satisfied with the traditional relay touch control system, because there are a lot of simple program control processes controlled by the switch quantity, and the actual production process and process are often changed. Therefore, there has been a combination of relay touch control and electronic technology, called the sequence controller.

The electrical control of the traditional CNC cutting and bending machine is a relay touch control system, which consists of a relay, a touch device, a button, a travel switch, etc., to realize the operation of the pipe bending machine, parking, and extreme speed control. The advantages of the relay touch control system are simple structure, convenient protection, strong anti-interference and low price, so it is widely used in various bending machines and mechanical equipment.

In the process of making pipe bending machine molds, CNC bending machine molds are required in all aspects of forming molds, hot working molds, cold working molds and plastic molds. In addition, cars, high-speed trains, general machinery operations, and the wood processing industry, which has gradually expanded in recent years, have become the primary users of the CNC tube bending machine mold profession.

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