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CNC tube bending machine application in the automotive field

1. Three-dimensional CNC pipe bending machine mold laser cutting is mainly applied to flat cutting and three-dimensional five-axis linkage three-dimensional cutting, high-strength steel is used for the body frame, to reduce the weight and improve the car while ensuring the strength and rigidity of the body. The crash-worthiness and anti-concave properties of the body significantly increase the safety of the car. For high-strength steel structural components with complex contours, laser cutting is a very effective tool for both technical and economic reasons.
2. Automotive white body top cover laser welding equipment This equipment is used for automobile body-in-white top cover welding. The equipment consists of two robots, a fiber laser, a wire feeder, a welding head, a laser protection room and a floor fixture. Work with a robot with a laser welding head for welding. The top cover clamp is carried by the robot, and the four V-shaped positioning blocks are matched with the positioning support frames on both sides to form a positioning. The four clamping cylinders on the positioning support clamp the top cover clamp. There is a quick change device between the top cover fixture and the robot, which can be switched between multiple models. Different from the traditional spot welding process, laser welding can achieve the molecular combination between two steel plates. Generally speaking, the hardness of the steel plate after welding is equivalent to a whole steel plate, thereby increasing the strength of the body by 30%. Also greatly improved, on the other hand, the overlap width and some reinforcing members can be reduced, and the volume of the body structure itself can be compressed, thereby reducing the weight of the vehicle body.
3. Off-line automotive tailor welded blank forming equipment Most steel plates used in automobiles are galvanized steel sheets, and the resistance welding process will destroy the galvanized protective layer. Therefore, laser welding is an ideal process for achieving welding and welding, which can ensure the formation of qualified welds and meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, high strength and fatigue resistance. The laser welding technology has many advantages, the weld seam is very narrow, and the heat affected zone is small. Through the long-range sacrificial effect of zinc, the weld seam can be not corroded for a long time, and the faster the welding speed, the higher the weld hardness.
4. Car stealth airbag instrument panel laser weakening equipment This equipment has linkage numerical control function, which can cut the workpiece of any shape, mainly used for the weak processing of the car stealth airbag instrument panel. The structure of the device is reasonable in design, with sufficient static, dynamic and thermal stiffness. The system has good dynamic quality and can show high precision in actual processing. The device is stable and reliable, easy to use, operate and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance.
5. Automotive variable-speed laser automatic cutting equipment The cutting efficiency can be doubled by using the automobile variable-speed CNC pipe bending machine mold. The cutting quality is better than the traditional processing method, the end surface is smooth, the positioning is accurate and the precision is high.
6. Automotive airbag liner laser welding machine Since the airbag liner of the car is equipped with gunpowder, the laser welding method is adopted, and the heat affected area is small, which can improve the safety and reliability during the processing, improve the production efficiency, and improve the welding quality.
7. Automotive gear laser welding uses laser welding technology to connect the gear assembly, which can improve the product precision of the transmission gear, simplify the product structure and manufacturing process, and can easily meet the continuous adjustment and sample parts of the product development and trial production. The need of manufacturing, and help designers to rationally layout the product structure, and constantly improve the level of product development and manufacturing; at the same time, due to the compact structure, accuracy and reliability of laser welded gear parts, can reduce vehicle failure rate and improve vehicles Manipulate flexibility and increase product reputation.
8. Automotive tail tube laser welding production line Laser welding stainless steel tube has the advantages of narrow joint heat affected zone, small grain growth and good cold forming performance, which can well meet all the cold processing requirements of automobile exhaust pipe production. The welding speed is high, and the welding speed is up to 6m/min with 5kW laser welding; the welding quality is stable, the quality is high, the deformation is small; the subsequent processing steps can be simplified, the production efficiency is high, and the scale of the equipment can be reduced under the same production scale.
9. Laser welding of the trunk of the car The trunk consists of a trunk lid and a rear panel. Because the forming has a 90° angle, the laser brazing is used for fillet welding. The traditional trunk welding is carried out by MIG brazing. Since the trunk material is usually galvanized, the low heat input of MIG brazing is used to solve the problems caused by the large burning of the galvanized layer, but the high-speed welding of MIG brazing and The instability of the arc at low current limits its efficiency and quality. Laser filler wire is mainly used for welding with complex welding or sharp change of weld tangential direction. The welding forming surface is smooth and it is difficult to form a smooth weld. In addition, MIG Brazing is highly polluted. If laser brazing is used, the welding speed is high, the weld bead is formed well, the quality is stable, and the galvanized layer is less burned.
10.Automobile bumper laser drilling equipment The automobile bumper is a special-shaped piece. The traditional stamping method is very complicated, and the parts are prone to deformation and stress. The laser cutting method is adopted, no complicated fixture system is required, no machining stress, no slit. Deformation, more suitable for post processing and installation.

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