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China pipe bending machine factory teaches you to budget the construction cost of the greenhouse.

With the emergence of cnc pipe bending machine in greenhouse, more and more farmers use greenhouse skeleton to build greenhouse greenhouse to plant off-season vegetables. So what should be paid attention to in the process of using greenhouse skeleton to build greenhouse?
1. We should pay attention to the weather in the process of building greenhouse with greenhouse skeleton. Choose continuous operation in sunny weather and finish it at one time. Do not encounter snowstorm in cloudy and rainy weather.
2. Before construction, the materials should be fully equipped, and bamboo should be used in greenhouses for winter harvesting after November. The other time is easy to be moth-eaten and rotten, so it is not suitable for use.
3, do not damage the film in the construction process, and find loopholes to be repaired in time. It will cause air leakage and rain.

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