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Features of China induction heating pipe bending machine

1) This process can avoid the uneven wall thickness of the elbow caused by the convex edge of the pipe wall being stretched and thinned, and the concave edge of the pipe wall being compressed and thickened when the traditional pipe bending process is formed.

  2) Using this process, a small radius (R≈D) and thin wall (t/D≈0.015) 180 elbow with uniform wall thickness can be produced, which is not possible with other bending processes.

  3) If the design of various process parameters is reasonable, the process can ensure that the wall thickness of each part of the tube bend is always kept constant during the forming process, that is, it is always equal to the wall thickness of the straight tube blank before deformation.

  4) With this process, bends with the same diameter of 45°, 90°, 180° and other bending angles can be produced on the same horn mandrel at one time, and the production efficiency is high.

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