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Pipe bending machine is a machine used for bending pipes, and can also be used as a jack. It is a multipurpose device. It is currently used for pipeline laying and construction in power construction, public railway construction, bridges, ships and other aspects. The bending equipment has many obvious advantages, both in structure and technology. This paper briefly describes the structure and introduces the characteristics of the bending equipment structure.

The pipe bender mainly adopts the touch screen combined with the numerical control module, which is a dialog operation mode, and the program setting is simple and convenient. The bending equipment has a very stable structure, is not easy to deform, and has a long service life.

In the structure of the pipe bender, each gear can be set with 16 bending angles, and 16 groups of files can also be stored in memory. Therefore, the application range is very wide, and it is easy to realize regardless of the angle of the pipe bender. The bending equipment also has the function of slow positioning. The bending angle is also very stable and the accuracy is very high.

The pipe bender adopts structural mode, which can display error information directly on the screen. If the operator encounters a problem, he can watch the screen directly to understand the fault situation in time. The above are the structural features of the bending equipment. Of course, the bending equipment has many advantages in terms of technology, which will not be introduced here.The company specializes in the production of pipe benders, pipe cutters, CNC pipe benders, automatic pipe cutters, hydraulic pipe benders.

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