Brief Analysis of Sizing Technology of Large Diameter Seamless Steel Tube for Pipe Expanding Machine Heating Elbow Forming Machine

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Outstanding quality problems of large-diameter seamless steel tubes of Φ650mm induction eblow making forming machine, comparing several sizing forms, focusing on the analysis of advanced frame two-roller single DC motor drive belt rapid roll change sizing machine, and large thermal expansion unit The caliber seamless pipe adopts the sizing process of this model. On the basis of fully considering the production process characteristics of the hot-dip galvanizing machine, taking into account the flatness of the product and the stability of the zinc layer and the uniformity of the zinc flower during the smoothing process, the tension before the strip exit and the rolling pressure are transverse The distribution is uniform as the objective function. A set of automatic comprehensive setting models for the core process parameters such as elongation and front and back tension of the hot-dip galvanizing machine is established and applied to a factory 1800 cold rolling 3^# CGL hot-dip galvanizing machine parameter setting.

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