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Basic rules for air run test of pipe bending machine

The hydraulic pipe bending machine ought to be operated at a similar time for the mechanism capable of automatic or semi-automatic work (such as pipe clamping, guiding compression, spindle advance and retreat, gyrator rotation and angle pre-selection mechanism, etc.), whereby the continual cycle period isn't but 2h. for every sub-program action (ie, pressing a button, one action) within the higher than cycle, the operation time isn't but one.5h, and also the operation method should be administrated in sequence in step with the operating procedure such that by the look. within the continuous cycle operation take a look at, the button pause time between every cycle is mostly inside thirty s; within the operation take a look at of the sub-program action, the button pause time between every sub-program action is mostly inside five s. For the preceding hydraulic pipe bending machine operating mechanism will solely be operated by hand, solely the continual 4h idle take a look at is administrated. For the most drive with adjustable speed, the running take a look at ought to be administrated in step with the low, medium and high speed binning. The period of every gear speed isn't but zero.5 h.

The hydraulic pipe bending machine may be a hydraulic automatic pipe finish process machine that controls the tip surface of the pipe in an exceedingly traditional state, associated is managementled by an integrated control bit screen, and also the pipe will be expanded , contracted, bulged, and replaced by a mildew. The tube ends square measure fashioned by the ribs and might be freely determined in step with the user's wants. Manual, jog or automatic machining machine tools square measure used. The fuel tank, bed, slider, main cylinder, mildew core rod (optional), limit cylinder, compact the most elements square measure composed of oil cylinder, clamping die and axial positioning cylinder, and axial positioning bracket.

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