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Automatic pipe bending machine structure

The automatic pipe bending machine comprises a machine base, a working platform is arranged on the machine base, a lower template is arranged on the working platform, and an upper template is arranged directly above the lower template, and the upper template is driven by the die cylinder to press it with the lower template. The pressing surface of the upper template and the lower template respectively has a semi-circular groove matching the half of the curved tube, and one end of the lower template is provided with a pushing rod for moving the workpiece to be processed forward along the semicircular groove; the other end of the lower template is provided a rotating shaft connected to the semicircular groove, the head of the rotating shaft is provided with a mandrel located in the semicircular groove and matching the inner circle shape of the workpiece to be processed, and the end of the rotating shaft is connected to the rotating shaft perpendicularly to the rotating shaft through the bearing seat On the rotating shaft, one side of the rotating shaft is provided with an automatic pushing mechanism that can push the elbow sleeved on the mandrel. The utility model has the high degree of automation, can automatically complete the unloading process after the pipe bending machine bends, and quickly ejects the completed elbow, which is improved in efficiency and benefit compared with the conventional one, and the cost and labor intensity are obtained. reduce.

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