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Automatic pipe bender bearing overheating to deal with it, the following by the small to analyze for you.    ① cnc pipe bender bearing grease is too much or too little;    ② cnc tube bending machine bearing oil quality is not good containing impurities;    ③ bearing and journal or end cover with improper (too loose or too tight);    ④ bearing bore eccentric, and shaft friction;    ⑤ bender motor end cap or bearing cover is not installed flat;    (6) motor and load coupling is not corrected, or the belt is too tight;    ⑦ bearing clearance is too large or too small;    ⑧ motor shaft bending.    2.Troubleshooting    ①Add grease (1/3-2/3 of the volume) as required;    ②Replace clean lubricating grease;    ③ Too loose available adhesive repair, too tight should be car, grinding journal or end cover bore, make it suitable;    ④Repair the bearing cover, eliminate the friction point;    ⑤ Reassemble;    (6) Recalibrate and adjust the belt tension;    ⑦ replace the new bearings;    ⑧ correct the bender motor shaft or replace the rotor.

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