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7 points of Pipe bending machine operating procedures

1. The machine should be grounded, and therefore the wire should not be but 4mm2 copper twine. it's not allowed to access the ability offer voltage prodigious the required vary. The plug-in can not be obstructed in. The management loop can not be tested with a meg ohmmeter, otherwise the device is also broken.

2. once plugging or unplugging the instrumentation, the wire or cable can not be force to forestall the solder from propulsion off.

3, proximity switches, encoders, etc. cannot be hit with exhausting objects.

4. you can not use a pointy object to hit the show unit.

5. The electrical box should be placed in a very aerated place, and it's impermissible to figure in dirt and corrosive gases.

6, cannot be put in and altered to computer input and output.

7. The motor steering should be reconfirmed once dynamic  the machine power offer.

8. The machine ought to be unbroken clean. especially, it ought to be noted that there ought to be no foreign objects within the slippy grooves like clamping blocks and sliders.

9. often add material to the chain and different slippy elements.

10. the ability should be disconnected throughout improvement and maintenance.

11. Preparation before driving: Check if the backlog of the fuel tank is at the oil level line, refuel at every lubrication purpose, ensure the motor steering once kicking off, check whether or not the pump has abnormal sound, check whether or not the mechanism leaks when beginning the machine (the angle encoder isn't allowed) Refueling);

12, pressure adjustment: use magnetic force spill valve to regulate the pressure to confirm that the system pressure reaches the desired operating pressure, typically not beyond twelve.5Mpa.

13. mildew adjustment: mildew installation needs mildew and clamping block to be focused, clamping block are often adjusted by bolt; boost block and mildew ar focused, booster block is adjustable; core and mildew ar focused, loose core head frame Bolt, tighten the bolts when adjusting the middle.

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