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13 steps preparation before pipe bending machine operation

1. The pipe bending machine must be well grounded. It is not allowed to access the power supply voltage exceeding the specified range. The plug-in cannot be plugged in. The control loop cannot be tested with a megohmmeter, otherwise the device may be damaged. 

2. When plugging or unplugging the connector, the wire or cable cannot be pulled to prevent the solder from pulling off. 

3, proximity switches, encoders, etc. can not be hit with hard objects. 

4. You cannot use a sharp object to collide with the display unit. 

5. The electrical box must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is forbidden to work in dust and corrosive gases. 

6, can not be installed and changed to PC input and output. 

7. The motor steering must be reconfirmed when changing the power of the bender. 

8. The pipe bending machine should be kept clean. In particular, it should be noted that there should be no foreign objects in the sliding grooves such as clamping blocks and sliders. 

9. Regularly add lubricant to the chain and other sliding parts. 

10. The power must be disconnected during cleaning and maintenance. 

11. Preparation before driving: Check if the fuel level of the fuel tank is at the oil level line, refuel at each lubrication point, confirm the motor steering when starting up, check whether the oil pump has abnormal sound, check whether the hydraulic system leaks after starting the machine (the angle encoder is not allowed) Refueling); 

12, pressure adjustment: use electromagnetic spill valve to adjust the pressure to ensure that the system pressure reaches the required working pressure, generally not higher than 12.5Mpa. 

13. Mold adjustment: mold installation requires mold and clamping block to be centered, clamping block can be adjusted by bolt; boost block and mold are centered, booster block is adjustable; core and mold are centered, loose core head frame Bolt, tighten the bolts after adjusting the center.

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