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11 points on the maintenance of CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine

1) Check the realm round the operating place of China hydraulic semiautomatic pipe bending machine to get rid of any rubble that interferes with work and traffic. There should be no oil on the bottom to avoid slithering. The stack of work-pieces ought to be neat and tidy to forestall collapse and injury.
2). Check if the protecting device on the hydraulic CNC pipe bending machine is in condition. If it's not put in, it's not allowed to drive. The intermediate frequency bender ought to have smart grounding and electrical insulation, and therefore the voltage ought to be stable.
3). Check the lubrication space. once the oil is brief and oil-free, the oil ought to be else.
4). once the empty automobile is running, check whether or not the mechanical operation is traditional, and whether or not the controller is sensitive and straightforward to use. when everything is ok, work again.
5). once 2 individuals work an equivalent time, they have to join forces closely and coordinate. someone ought to be allotted to work the switch. it's not allowed to speak to people throughout operation to forestall malfunction.
6) The operator should not leave the machine once the machine is started.
7). throughout operation, nobody is allowed close to the bend vary of the pipe, and a protecting warning call is about. Stabilize the tube to forestall it from being scraped by the pry bar. The operator will solely stand on the skin.
8). Correct the tube to listen to the protection of the encircling space. Use the steamed buns 1st to immerse within the water; for a number of minutes, forestall the handle from being wounded. don't wear gloves once knock.
9). once hot bending and correcting the tube, the face ought to avoid the nozzle to forestall the recent sand from being hurt once the tube is vibrated. once filling the yellow sand, the pipe ought to be fixed to forestall marketing. There ought to be no oil within the pipe, and dry yellow sand ought to be used.
10). once fastening the pipe into the rack and untie the lead wire, it ought to be soft to forestall squeeze and crushing. Handling pipes ought to listen to pedestrians to forestall individuals from being hurt.
11). once exploitation the gas, 1st open the chamber door, come off the accumulated gas and so ignite.

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